XXIV Congresso Nacional de Criminalística

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Police Officer/Detective (1990-1997) - Colorado;

US DEA Task Force Special Agent/Pilot/Instructor (1997-2002);

  • Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team Tactical Instructor;
  • Aerial Surveillance Marijuana Suppression Instructor;
  • Interview/Interrogation instructor;
  • Federal Firearms and Entry Tactics instructor.

US Federal Air Marshals- Senior Agent (2002-2008);

  • Firearms and Tactical Operations instructor.

US Marine Corps/MPRI Special Staff Officer, Fallujah and Ramadi, Iraq (2008-2009);

  • Advised USMC Command and Naval Special Warfare Staff on insurgency trends, criminal networks and terrorist organizations.

President/Founder Shadow Edge Security Consulting (2010-2015);

  • Consult private corporations on security risks/plans traveling in high risk areas
  • Established security plans for building construction, employees and personnel
  • Implement security plans and protocol for national music bands traveling overseas to preform.
  • Education:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Aero Space Science (professional pilot- airplane and helicopter) Metropolitan State University, Denver, Colorado (1994)
  • Masters Degree in Security Management and Business (2004) Webster University



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03/10/2017 14:15 às 15:45 Sala 6 Photogrammetry in 3D Forensic Cases: Suspect Height Analysis, Speed Analysis and General measurement Palestrante (Confirmado)