XXIV Congresso Nacional de Criminalística

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Kelly Watt is the Global Director leading the Public Safety Forensic division. Kelly has had extensive experience working with law enforcement to integrate 3D scanning, diagraming and analysis technologies including numbers case reconstructions. His team partners with Law Enforcement agencies globally to work live cases and show results from the technology. Kelly was the first person called during the San Bernardino attacks to consult on best approaches to the mass shooting, and he continues to deliver value to the community on a daily basis.


Data Hora da Sessão Sala Título da Sessão Hora da Apresentação Tema Função Visualizar
03/10/2017 14:15 às 15:45 Sala 6 Photogrammetry in 3D Forensic Cases: Suspect Height Analysis, Speed Analysis and General measurement Palestrante (Confirmado)